Meet Sight Productions

Sight Productions is a Chicago based web solutions company specializing in creating safe and powerful e-commerce sites. Started in 2018, Sight Productions was founded by entrepreneurs and friends, Jason Barrera and Robert Natale, with a goal in mind to help bring people’s vision to life. Sight Productions bridges the gap in bringing our clients full creative potential out into the real world. We do this by creating fully unique and customizable web pages our clients can enjoy and truly call their own. 

Sight Productions understands how difficult it can be to articulate what your business represents through a web page. We work along side our clients to ensure satisfaction and provide brilliant solutions to their business needs. Sight Productions also understands that bugs and glitches can occur in the site and cause problems for our clients. This is why we provide around the clock customer support to help ensure your business can keep running effectively and efficiently while maintaining your vision. 

Jason Barrera

Jason Barrera is an electrical engineer and graduate of Purdue University. Jason uses his expert problem solving capabilities to create fast and modern solutions for a vast variety of clients. Jason is an excellent developer that can help bring any client’s dreams to life. His expert skills in web and app development allow him to craft each client their own unique web presence. He pride’s himself on his hard work and passion for developing excellent sites that the client can be proud of as well.


Robert Natale

Robert Natale is a computer programmer and graduate of DeVry University with a degree in Computer information Systems.  Robert has experience in many different coding languages that allows Sight Productions to be able to cater to any client’s individual needs. Robert excels in taking care of our clients and understanding what their vision is. Robert is an excellent programmer as well that has experience working on many different projects from web to app development. This experience allows Robert the flexibility to work with an array of different clients and  satisfy their unique ideas.